I have used shims from other producers. I have found the quality of those shims to be dismal. I get it, its a utility product. Nonetheless, tossing out even shims that are simply pure trash that never should have made it into the package in the firstplace is deceptive.

I am not going to claim that every shim that goes into one of our packs or bags is a perfect shim. We are human and make mistakes. However, I know that you won't be throwing out half the pack or bag because the shims are too rotten or full of holes to use.

9/9 cedar shims

We are offering 5/8 cubic foot bags of shims for the handyman and maintenance contractor. Once the strap is cut on a package of shims, they can be a problem to store and handle. Not so with these bags. They can be hung in the truck or trailer waiting to be used on that job that only needs a few shims here and there. 

bagged cedar shims