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As a manufacturer of cedar shingles, we produce cedar shingles primarily.
However, over the years, there have been a number of spin off products that we have developed.
Some of those products are pictured here and include bagged kindling, cedar excelsior, cedar shingle panels,
gazebos, and panelized cedar shingles sheds.

Please refer to their respective pages for details on these products.

cedar siding shinglescedar siding shingles
Along with our roofing shingles we produce a siding grade shingle as well.

cedar shingle panelscedar shingle panels
We  are able to offer 6 and 8 course cedar shingle panels  with a random shingle pattern.

cedar excelsior
wood woolcedar excelsior wood wool
Cedar excelsior ( wood wool ) is available in resale packaging, boxes and bales.

cedar roofing shinglescedar roofing shingles
We produce traditional 3/8" butt x 16" white cedar roofing shingles.

bagged cedar shim shinglesbagged cedar shim shingles

Shingles that do not make the grade for roofing or siding are bagged for utility applications.

With our bagged shingles, your waste will go down in your projects as the bag keeps your shims from being strewn asunder and ultimately thrown out.

Outhouse / Garden ShedOuthouse / Garden Shed
Our cedar shingled garden shed is available as an outhouse, storage shed... a chicken coop.

The shed is available assembled or as a panelized model.

bundles of cedar shinglesbundles of cedar shingles
Regardless of a roofing or siding grade, our bundles cover 25 square feet at 5" of exposure.

9/9 cedar shims9/9 cedar shims

We also package shims into 9/9 packages.
We have had instances where our shims have been in stores where contractors have stepped over shims from other producers to get to ours.

While I would not promise that every shim is perfect I can confidently state that you'll throw out far fewer of our shims that those of our competitors.