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Cedar Excelsior:
    Excelsior or, wood wool is a product that had been used as a packaging product for the shipping of delicate items. With the advent of foam packing peanuts and asphalt roofing products, excelsior went through a decline in its use for this application. Excelsior was used for article stuffing; furniture, pet bedding and taxidermy products all used excelsior to a greater degree than is used today. I feel there are still valid reasons for choosing excelsior for your projects or shipping, as no matter the choice of available products, each has its detractor points and their benefits. 

    Some of the uses for excelsior, along with those above are;

  • craft stuffings for gift baskets and ornaments
  • doll and teddy bear stuffing
  • pet bed stuffing
  • medium for erosion control products (blankets and wattle)
  • archery target medium
  • sound proofing panel medium (acoustic panels)
  • swamp cooler element medium
  • fire starter medium
  • void fill for packaging
  • garland  

200 cubic inch excelsior200 cubic inch excelsior

Dyed excelsiorDyed excelsior

There are a number of advantages that our cedar excelsior has over other similar purpose products:

Cedar excelsior:

  • low energy demand to produce
  • can be composted
  • can be repurposed
  • our excelsior is produced in Canada with Canadian wood
  • lower density than poplar excelsior
  • no bleaches or chemicals in the natural colour excelsior
  • cedar excelsior can be dyed   

Cedar excelsior ( wood wool )Cedar excelsior ( wood wool )

Wood boxes and crates are available on request.Wood boxes and crates are available on request.

Wood gift box example with excelsiorWood gift box example with excelsior

wood wool bailwood wool bail

We can offer a variety of packaging options:

2.37 cubic foot boxes (16x16x16)
24" x 32" x 32" twine tied bale

We can package both for our own label or yours. Feel free to contact us with your inquiry.