We have produced traditional 3/8" butt x 16" white cedar shingles for since 2003. We grade our shingles into roofing, siding and utility cedar shingle roof, ontariogrades. Roofing grade shingles have fewer and smaller knots than a siding grade shingle. The location of a knot wil also have a bearing on the grade the shingle is catagorized into. Utility grade shingles for shiming windows and doors have a greater range of acceptable defect to them.

Our roofing and siding grade shingles have a minimum of a 3/8" butt are 16" +/- long and are packed into bundles that contain 25 square feet coverage at 5" of exposure.

Our utility grade shingles are packaged into packs of 18 courses 7 3/4" wide. This pack is normally refered to as 9/9 shims.

Siding shingles